Storm Windows


During the past 31 years, BLT Inc. has been manufacturing energy-efficient, insulating storm windows since 1979. It has been our experience, during the past 20 years, that in almost all cases BLT Inc. has been able to meet the needs of our customers. We build storm windows that are designed to go over wood windows as well as metal ones.

The panels of the operating window, in most cases, can be removed from the inside for easier cleaning. These storm windows include a half screen with fiberglass screening. Other types of screens are optional. Full solar screening can be easily installed over any of our storm windows.

Thermal break weather stripping is used on our storm windows that are being mounted over metal windows. All of our outside main frame corners are put together with screws — NO welding or soldering.


Customers say that BLT Inc.'s storm windows reduce outside noises, are energy efficient and have changed the exterior appearance of their homes with the following colors that we have available: mill finish aluminum, bronze, cream, and white with baked-on enamel finish.

We specialize in odd and hard-to-find sizes.

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